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PublicPR is focused on developing attitudinal and behavioral change across a society or within a specific target group. 

The complexities of evolving communities present challenges. These challenges [once understood], can become opportunities to frame positive developments. Naturally the inclusive nature of projects ensures longer term outcomes that create ownership and deliver the desired actions. 

It is about getting the narrative right from the outset. It's identifying what you need to say, how you need to say it and who is going to say it, and ultimately who is listening. Also, what does your market want to hear, how do they want to hear it and what are they going to perceive from hearing it and lastly who do they want to hear it from...it's sort of complex on face value...but we use a system...it's easier and we can test it along the way. 

We have worked with Local and State Government bodies to assist in building narratives that support change. One example is the Online Cyber Safety Campaign we developed to engage Regional Victorians to simply understand the risks of internet use through identifying the internal and external influences in their lives and developing the right narrative. In the end we 'employed' children to educate up to our target group, the elderly essentially. 

This methodology can be applied to many complex projects including community education, community awareness and community development structures. It just takes a little research...and analysis. But we love that! We're nerds!

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