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GlobalPR- Global Public Relations & Marketing Services

Are you an importer or exporter of product or produce and need to create an authentic brand that satisfies your markets demand?

We are experts in creating heritage, brand narratives and marketing and PR opportunities that align with your market positioning and target market strategies.

With many years working in the FMCG environment and developing brand strategies for wine and produce exporters, we can help develop your integrated marketing strategy.

We help with;
  • Developing buyers own brand concepts through to execution strategies
  • Market research (qualitative and quantitative, both in-market and remote)
  • Competitor Analysis and Positioning
  • Develop narratives and brand authenticity through public relations activity
  • Brand and Key Message Audits
  • Customer Value Propositions (CVP)
  • Strategic Marketing Advice
  • In-market Representation (Trade Missions, Trade Shows, Exhibitions)
  • Brand Advocacy

We are certainly looking forward to hearing from you...

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